Light Level Correcting Photocell

Easylite’s Daylight Harvester is a photo-sensor/controller that sets and maintains a user-adjustable light level in a lighting control zone by sensing ambient or artificial light. The Daylight Harvester is powered by Easylite ballasts and may be inserted anywhere in the fixture chain to provide local daylight/fixture response.

Mount a Daylight Harvester in the ceiling grid or on the lower surface of an indirect fixture. Then mount the remote slimline controller in the ceiling plenum, or in the ballast channel of a fixture within 18’ of the sensor.  Working with an Easylite ILS, the Daylight Harvester’s slimline controller can operate up to 100 ballasts/fixtures.


Flashlight commissioning. Establish a desired footcandle level in the work area beneath the sensor, place a light meter on the working surface, and use a flashlight to set the Daylite Harvester at that light level.

Continuous sampling. The Daylight Harvester continuously samples the light level and adjusts control output to the fixtures, smoothly maintaining the light level set point.

Consistent light level. Easylite’s built-in control algorithm ensures a consistent minimum light level in all areas of the space (based on light contribution from natural and artificial sources).

Lock in settings, or allow overrides. Other Daylight Harvester features include: a security setting to eliminate tampering with calibration set points, and an override to bypass the Harvester and allow direct dimmer control of the fixtures.


Five-Year Warranty
Plug and Play, ballast power and control

Factory pre-set calibration—field adjustable
Flashlight beam set-point adjustment (no ladder)
Operate up to 100 Easylite ballasts using one sensor
Double sensor configuration with blind (dark) sensor eliminates drift due to sensor deterioration
Security setting eliminates nuisance changes to settings
Manual Override:  Override and dim lights below sensor setting, or set a two-hour override of Harvester control for manual control of lighting, independent of the sensor
Sensor Dimensions: Unobtrusive sensor, just 1” diameter x 3/16” thick, ceiling or fixture mounted
Controller Dimensions: Slimline controller is 9” x 1” x 1”
Voltage:  0-10 Volt DC

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